Team Building

Team Building

My favorite rafting call is “timing is everything”.  It turns out that timing is not EVERYTHING, but it sure does help when we all paddle in time with one another.  This is just one element of the team work rafting requires to travel safely through the rapids.

There are many elements to be observed and participated in.  Watch how the leadership works amongst the river guides, watch them use hand signals to communicate clearly their needs and intentions.  Leave no one behind, care for the whole group on the river is everyone’s responsibility.  That is why we set safety cover for each raft as it passes through sections of rapids.  They in turn then do the same for those behind.

In a nut shell, white water rafting is a team sport.  So if you are looking for a fun outdoor activity to celebrate and build on your team skills, look no further.

Some teams and groups we have taken in the past:

  • NATO
  • Master Pet
  • NZ Army
  • Tasman Makos (our regional Rugby team)
  • Still waiting to hear from the All Blacks