Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

“He waka eke noa” – We are all in this together
As Kaitiaki of the earth for future generations

Surrounded by nature, Murchison is situated in the southern corner of the Kahurangi National Park, one of New Zealand’s newest national Parks (opened 1996).  The Buller River source, comes from Lake Rotoiti in the Nelson Lakes National Park.  From the river’s beginning in Nelson Lakes, it flows freely all the way to Westport, where the Buller meets the Tasman Sea.  On its way the Buller River passes through New Zealand farmland, native bush and the beautiful bush clad Upper and Lower Buller Gorges, thus giving us unsurpassed scenery during our river journeys.

With the majority of our trips running on the outskirts or through Kahurangi National Park, we feel the need to protect and have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Our Mission Statement

To offer trips that enable people from all walks of life to discover the adventure and art of river travel in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.  To promote the appreciation and conservation of the wild rivers which make the Nelson, Buller and West Coast regions unique.

For more information on the conservation of our wild rivers visit rivers.org.nz

As you travel around New Zealand please respect the environment, look after it and enjoy your stay.  Here is a 10 step guide to keeping New Zealand a unique country on your visit.

Environmental care code checklist.

Issues we all should be aware of :

Paddlers and River users take note “Didymo” a northern hemisphere fresh water algae has over taken some southern rivers in the South Island of New Zealand.  This is an invading organism that has a high chance of spreading in to more rivers if we don’t take greater care.  For more information and updated river exposure to this rapidly advancing organism check out the web site below.

Didymo, the official facts and releases from the DOC website

Fishermen and Paddlers please wash all your gear if you have been in either of these rivers before you enter any other creek or river system.