Old Ghost Road & Raft

Old Ghost Road & Raft

2-Day trip (1 Day MTB or Tramp, 1 Day Whitewater Rafting) From the Western end of the Old Ghost Road the Mokihinui River charges out of the remote wilderness, which was once teaming with activity during the old gold rush.   Originally the track was cut by hand through the Mokihinui Gorge to run supplies into the gold miners.  The track starts off with the only real hill to climb, and then enjoy a gentle undulating ride through stunning west coast rainforest. Almost every section of the track follows the line of the river gorge, providing views down to the river and rapids below.  You will be reminded of days gone by, as the track passes old mine relics abandoned in the bush, ghost towns and bridges submerged in the river. Halfway up this section of the track, the gorge narrows and the track forced to negotiate rocky bluffs.  A lot of work has been put into this section of the track including a couple of very handy suspension bridges.  After Specimen Point the gorge begins to open up again, making the final approach to the Forks clear to spectacular views of the mountains.  The following day (with helicopter assistance) you will trade from earth to water. Now is the journey rafting down the wild Mokihinui Gorge.  Here we move with the river as it starts with some grade 4 rapids then runs out to the coast with a great mix of grade 3 and scenery to inspire.  It is a whole different perspective traveling by river, even the name ‘Mokihinui’ translates to ‘large raft’.  The Maori history would suggest that the river was the chosen means to travel this area.  Truly something special to experience, there is no other trip that has the ingredients of the “Old Ghost Road & Raft”.

Track Times and Grade:

  • Depending on skill and fitness MTB to Specimen Point will take any where between 3 – 4 .5 hrs.  Tramping 5.5 – 6.5 hrs.
  • MTB grade = advanced
  • Tramping grade = easy
  • Rafting = grade 4 (river level dependent)

Minimum age: (river level dependent)

  • 13 yrs from the Mokihinui Forks
  • 10 yrs from Specimen Point

 Accommodation: You have the choice to either stay the night at Specimen Point or the Mokihinui Forks, most people make use of the huts, however camping is an option.  If you are staying at Specimen Point, note that the rafting starts from the Mokihinui Forks, which is a 30min bike ride, or 45 – 60min walk further along the track (3.4Km) We provide:

  • The helicopter transfer of gear, as there is no other means to get a raft into this remote area, and is double useful by shuttling your bikes and packs back out.
  • Another part of our service is to consult and take care of all your Hut bookings.
  • During your day rafting with us, we will keep you fueled up on home baking and a tasty lunch.
  • All rafting equipment and top-notch guides, just bring some swim wear and a smile!

*  If you do not have your own mountain bike we can arrange a hire bike and gear for you There is also the option of being fully guided on your Mountain Bike / Hike on Day 1 OR…..

“Old Ghost road & Raft” – Go Wild

  • Day 1, unguided/unassisted MTB or tramp to the Hut, carry your own overnight equipment and food.
  • Day 2, meet with the river crew at Mokihinui Forks to start your rafting section.

We are eagarly awaiting the completion of the difficult middle section of the Old Ghost Road.  This will then be one heck of a trip to travel from the old minning town of Lyell (Buller River), through the mountains and down to the Mokihinui and raft the river out to the West Coast.  Watch for updates on the official website, completion is expected in a couple of months! View more info about The Old Ghost Road track from the official site.

Departure Time Minimum Age River Class(grade) Trip Duration On River Duration
On Demand 12 yrs 4-5 2 days 5 hrs
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Food supplied on this tour