The ultimate family overnight experience

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Departure TimeMinimum AgeRiver Class (grade)Trip DurationPrice Features
On demand 8 yrs 2-3 2 days Please enquire

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Wilderness experience!

Embrace the freedom & exhilaration of travelling with the river and the stunning natural landscape that surrounds it.

Spilling its waters from the mountains of the South Island’s Lewis Pass, the Maruia River winds through a heavily forested valley and rural farmland before joining the Buller River near Murchison. Ease of access and convenient location combine with a spectacular and remote section of the river to make this trip a real gem. We rate this trip as our ideal overnight family camp-out, spending the night camped beside the river with a fire, friends and family for good company. 

Great fishing!

Also for the keen angler, the Rainbow and Brown trout fishing is legendary giving you a great challenge and fun what ever your skill level. 

What is supplied?

We will send you a detailed gear list so you know what is provided and what you need to bring along with you. List below gives you an idea on what is provided to make it a logistical easy and relaxing trip for you and your group. 

  • Wetsuit, splash jacket, Life Jacket and Helmet
  • Tents and sleeping mats (if required)
  • Food 
  • Transport to and from Murchison

Don’t forget to bring the sandfly protection! 

Day 1

Starts with packing expedition gear and driving to the put-in point. After rigging the rafts we‘re soon cruising through the beech forest looking for a good spot to break for a gourmet picnic lunch. This river is constantly winding and on the move, always entertaining you with something around the next corner. In the afternoon the river becomes steeper and more confined and we enjoy some of the bigger rapids of the trip, finally reaching our campsite with time to set up camp get the fire going and relax or explore before evening sets in. Don’t forget though if you are out to catch some fish then you and your guide will constantly be on the lookout making sure that you are ready for the known areas where the bigger fish tend to live all year round.

Day 2

Starting with a fresh wholesome breakfast, setting us up for final day on the water. With the gear packed it’s straight back into the action as we tackle the Maruia‘s white water once more. The rafts bob and weave their way around boulders and through waves in the isolated valley, crystal clear pools between rapids giving us time to drift, swim, relax and take in the scenery. We can stop in many places along the river for a wee fishing break in areas that getting to on foot are not easy. We can even drift the craft in the middle of the river to fish towards the sides, usually unheard off in the fishing community on a river. As we ride the final rapids the valley starts to open again and the river converges with the road to take us to our waiting transport that will take us back to our base in Murchison. 



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