What to bring

What to bring


Half/Full Day Trips

All you need to bring along with you is a towel, sunscreen, and a bathing suit (togs, swimming trunks) or underwear  (not everyone has togs) and a smile.

We supply top quality safety equipment and will gear you up into all the necessary clothing you require.  Thermal tops, wetsuits, splash jackets, life jackets, booties and helmets.

Multi Day Trips

Clothes & Equipment for Camping

  • Sleeping bag (at least 3 season)
  • Sleeping mat
  • 1  x  lightweight rain jacket
  • 1  x  pair sneakers or sandals
  • 1  x  thermal top and pants
  • 1  x  light weight pants/shorts, long sleeve top
  • 1  x  over trousers (optional)
  • 1  x  warm hat
  • 1  x  pack towel (optional)
  • spare underwear & socks
  • small flashlight & spare batteries
  • personal toiletries

Find a friend or 3 to share these items with:

  • Sunscreen
  • Alcoholic beverages (must be in plastic bottle)
  • Insect repellent
  • Personal snacks eg. high energy snacks
  • Toothpaste

Fun in the sun rafting the buyer river, new zealandClothes & Equipment for Rafting

  • 1  x  bathing suit
  • 1  x  long sleeved thermal top (2 in spring or Autumn)
  • sneakers that you can wear rafting, (some find these to be more comfortable than the neoprene booties that we provide)

Note: Ultimate Descents New Zealand Ltd supplies wet suit, spray jacket, thermal top, life jacket, helmet and neoprene booties.

We also provide tents if needed, and we can hire-out just about anything else that you do not have.

Any questions about this gear, please ask us.